Ombre powder brows

October action:
The whole month of October, the owner of Contourlab will be setting powderbrows (ombre) or lip pigmentation for 299 euros instead of 560euros!
Be quick, because full is full.
I am asking for a deposit

Ombré powder brows are the latest trend in permanent eyebrow make-up. With ombré powder brows, the roots of the eyebrows are shaded in lighter with darker towards the tips, giving it a beautiful overflow but also a very soft and natural look. Our goal is to provide you with natural-looking soft powder brows with your own natural hair colour.

Advantages powderbrows:
  • Powder brows last for 2-3 years
  • Perfect and natural eyebrows every moment of the day
  • No runny make-up during exercise, rain or sauna visits
  • It gives a telling look
  • You save time applying and removing your make-up
  • It can camouflage imperfections. Such as bald spots or when you have lost a lot of hair
  • It is suitable in most cases for people who are allergic to cosmetics products
  • For people who have had chemotherapy or alopecia and have little or no eyebrow hair left

Before the first permanent makeup treatment takes place, we will have you fill in and sign an intake form. If you wish, your skin will be rubbed with a layer of anaesthetic crème beforehand,  For best results, we do not recommend using anaesthetic. 

Your permanent make-up is applied with the utmost care and as hygiënically as possible after all explanations have been given and only after it s been pre-signed. We only do this after I have discussed with you in detail what exactly your wishes are.  As an experienced PMU artist, I know better than anyone that the end result must match your wishes. Keep in mind that the end result of powderbrows is gradual. The first few days it may be a bit more noticeable as your wish is, after a few weeks once your eyebrows start shedding you will start to notice the desired result of soft powderbrows that has a sleek but natural look. To get the most out of the treatment you will need to handle the treated skin carefully and cleanly during healing. Personal hygiëne is very important during the healing time of permanent makeup.

The healing time of a permanent make up is about 6 to 12 days. The skin still needs about 3 á 4 weeks to properly absorb the colour of the pigmentation. A perfection treatment is almost always needed afterwards for the best results. This perfection treatment is already agreed with you immediately after the treatment and you will receive an aftercare form and ointment to take home.

Precautions for the first 30 days:
  • sun
  • sunbeds
  • light (laser) therapy (such as, fraxel laser, IPL)
  • chemical peelings
  • (fruit acid) peelings
  • microdermabrasion
  • crème with growth factors
  • breastfeeding/pregnancy

Use a sunscreen crème if going outdoors. The use of antibiotics and hormonal treatments may affect the pigment's durability (faster fading) Do not drop wound disinfectants such as Sterilon or Betadine on the treated area(s).

All initial treatments are treated after 6 weeks. Then the same aftercare applies again.

Ombre brows 1st treatment €560,- including aftercare (this action is temporary)
Aftercare within 12 months €150 
Aftercare after 12 months €175 
Aftercare after 2 years new price 


(There is a cancellation fee if you do not cancel within 48)

Henna brows

Henna brows is a different method from ordinary dyeing, as you not only dye the hairs but also the skin. This makes the eyebrows appear fuller and you don't have to go back to work with a pencil or powder after a week. The henna creates tighter and fuller eyebrows.

  • Up to 6 weeks of beautiful eyebrow colour
  • Durable, natural colouring
  • Does not fade
  • Odourless, no ammonia

  • 48h no make-up
  • 48h no make-up remover
  • No oil-based make-up removers for 4 weeks
  • 48h no sun/sunbed
  • 48u no browlift

Avoid everything around the eyebrows, remember : no oils, no water, no crèmes and no cleaning around the eyebrows. If you do, the henna will wear off the skin faster.

Henna brows, epilate, waxing.  €30 


Lash lift

The Lash Lift is a treatment where natural lashes are curled via a special technique to add volume. Your lashes will appear longer with results lasting 6-9 weeks.

Benefits lash lift:
  • Results visible for 6 to 9 weeks
  • A beautiful, open eye
  • Feels light and natural

  • No contact with water for 24 hours after treatment, i.e. no swimming or going to the sauna.
  • Do not use mascara, eye cream and make-up removers for the first 24 hours. 
  • It is important not to use oil-based make-up remover after an eyelash lift. 
  • After the first 24 hours, you can simply shower, swim and go in the sauna; this will no longer have a detrimental effect on the lashes.

Lashlift €55 


Lip pigmentation

Lips play an important role in our lives, expression of the face, eating, kissing, speaking. Therefore, we not only want to cherish it, but also make it as beautiful as possible! And this can be done with permanent lip pigmentation.

Lips can be lined beautifully with permanent make up. This technique, sometimes called lip tattooëren, also offers the possibility of making lips appear a little fuller. Permanent full lips are suitable for young and old. The lips can be completely coloured in with permanent make up, so one does not need to use lipstick or at most a lip gloss. At Contourlab, permanent make up is performed safely and we hold a GGD licence

Why is lip pigmentation applied?
  • For a more beautiful shape (delineation)
  • To adjust natural assymetry
  • Optically obtain bigger lips
  • Nicer lip colour; natural shades or darker shades (warm/cold)
  • To eliminate pigmentation loss on the lips
  • Lighten dark lips
  • For an everyday fresh look
  • Daily time savings

Do lips look dark after treatment?
The lips look swollen and dark immediately after the treatment s treatment. The swelling subsides within 24h. The colour is dark for a week on average. After a week, the colour fades 40% to 60%. The final result is often seen after 8 weeks and the final result only after the side effect

Treatment time: 1.5 hours.

Can this technique be applied to everyone?
No, not to:
  • Pregnant women
  • First 3 months of breastfeeding
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Persons always taking blood thinners
  • Herpes disease on the lips
  • In the presence of a fever blister or vesicle during treatment
  • When using Roaccutane, no permanent make-up should be applied until end of course of treatment



The treatment is great for skin improvement and tightening. The skin is renewed without damaging the top skin layer. As a result, many skin improvements can be achieved naturally.

Over time, you will notice that the skin becomes firmer and smoother. This is because cell division gets a boost. Wrinkles and scars will gradually diminish. Old cells disappear, returning the top skin layer to its normal thickness. You regain your even and radiant skin!

What is a dermapen?
The treatment is a form of microneedling therapy. The device has very fine needles that create small channels in the skin, as it were. These channels allow up to 80% more active ingredients to be absorbed deeper into the skin. Our body's reaction to this is the activation of the natural wound-healing process.

As the needles enter the skin perpendicularly and at high speed, the skin is not damaged, but rather activated. The treatment is often used to achieve overall skin improvement. Collagen and elastin play an important role here. These fibres have a major influence on skin firmness and elasticity.

Too much sunlight or the natural ageing process decreases the production of these fibres. Treatment with the Dermapen stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

When we start the treatment, we first apply a serum of hyaluronic acid to the skin. This allows us to glide gently over the skin during the treatment. In addition, this way the serum gets into the right skin layer through the channels we make with the Dermapen.

Using rotational movements, we go over the treatment area. The treatment depth can vary. This is tailored to the skin surface to be treated and the situation. Wondering if this is the right treatment to revitalise your skin? Then schedule a no-obligation consultation so that we can assess your personal situation


Eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions, you can lengthen and thicken natural eyelash hairs to create a more beautiful eye look.

The lash extensions  are made of high-quality synthetic materials. What is special about these lash extensions is that they are finished with a silk coating.

The extensions are silky smooth, you won't feel a natural set of eyelash extensions!

Types of lash extensions:
3D Russian

New set: €60,-
Filling: €40,-