Online training in eyelash extensions all-round

During this online training you will learn the one by one technique & the 5D technique in 1 course with the accompanying pinch technique at Contourlab Academy

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The trend in the Netherlands it is impossible to imagine the beauty world without it! Eyelash extensions are hugely popular and are among the most booked treatments. During our training you will learn both the one by one and the Russian Volume (5D) technique. We will also show you how to remove eyelash extensions in a professional way. After you have gone through the theory, your online exam consists of 10 questions. After you have obtained your certificate, we will always be there for you if you have any questions. 

Topics covered during Contourlab's most popular training include: dealing with clients, hygienic and orderly working, safety, materials, types of eyelash extensions, eyelash mapping and 2 practical videos

Benefits of this course:
 start your course right away and get your certificate in 1 day
everything is done from home, you receive the certificate digitally

 Unlimited access
 Always an overview and grip with the online learning environment and online exam
 Easy and practical to learn
 No prior education required
 100% success rate
 Recognised certificate in lash extensions
 After completing your course, you are always welcome to contact us if there are any questions about practical situations. This can be done via our whatsapp group
 Become your own boss and set your own working hours

What to expect from this course:
This is an all-round course in lash extensions this means you will learn everything but really everything.
 Such as the one-by-one technique, Russian Volume technique and the Pinch method!
 This makes this course so unique and affordable.
 7 chapters of theory 
 step-by-step plan for setting and removing eyelash extensions
 3 introductory videos 
 online exam with 10 questions
 a recognised certificate eyelash extensions from Contourlab
 You can always contact us with questions in our whatsapp group (which also makes us unique)
We continue to support you even after obtaining your certificate.