Online training Hennabrows

During this online course you will be taught how to create perfecte Henna brows  after your online exam you will digitally receive your certificate Hennabrows from Contourlab.

Learn everything you need to know about the henna brows course and become a real brow stylist! Henna brows are here to stay in your beauty salon! 
During Contourlab's online course, you will learn how to naturally can dye & shape eyebrows through the browmapping technique. During this course, you will be taught the latest technique on Hennabrows. We will also teach you the technique of ombré Hennabrows.

What to expect from this online course:
practice video how the henna is applied we do this by the brow mapping technique.
5 chapters of theory
henna brows application step-by-step plan
Browmapping - shapen
a recognised certificate henna browsing from Contourlab
You can always come to us with questions in our Whatsapp group (which makes us unique) We continue to support you even after obtaining your certificate

In this course, you will learn all about this technique. Get your full-fledged diploma through this online course. The course consists of video training, theory and an exam. Upon completion, you will receive a recognised certificate.

Or pay in instalments (2 instalments)


Do you prefer to follow a physical training?
Would you like to learn the tricks of the trade for 2 days at the Van Der Valk in Utrecht?

Then check out the course!