Online training in Microneedling / Derma treatment

Do you want to take your salon to a larger scale? Then this course is excellent for your sales in your salon.

Certificate+course+starter kit for only €179!

In this course, you will learn how to do a Microneedling / derma treatment. Get your full-fledged certificate through this online microneedling course. The online course consists of: 
  • A practice video
  • Theory
  • Online exam

Upon completion, you will receive Contourlab's microneedling certificate.

In this course, you will learn all about this technique. Get your full-fledged diploma through this online course. The course consists of video training, theory and an exam. Upon completion, you will receive a recognised certificate.

What is microneedling/derma treatment?

A microneedling treatment is a treatment that encourages the skin to naturally repair itself. You can make a large number of clients happy with it.

This treatment is for young and old, think skin ageing, coarse pores, acne, and all kinds of skin ailments you will learn about during this course.

This microneedling course consists of:
  • Theory
  • Practice video
  • 10 exam questions
  • Recognised certificate
  • And a complete starter kit