Price list treatments

The treatment is performed exclusively by the owner of Contourlab.
We are a GGD certified company
Powderbrows new set: €350,- incl. post-treatment in 6 weeks 
Touch-up after 12 months: €150,-
Update after 2 years: new price

Lip pigmentation new treatment: €350,- incl. post-treatment in 6 weeks.
Post-treatment after 12 months: € 150,-
Update after 2 years: new price

Eyeliner Above: €210 (incl post-treatment 6-8 weeks)
Eyeliner Under: €180 (incl post-treatment 6-8 weeks)
Browlift + shade: €50,-
Henna brows + shaping: €30,-
Lashlift: €55,-
Microneedling/mesotherapy: €100,-

Eyelash extensions one by one or Russian mix: €60,-
Filling eyelash extensions €35,-


Price list courses

2 Day Powderbrows private training: €1900,-incl. starter kit worth €1400,-. (please note due to inflation we have to charge 2400,- euros for the powderbrows course from November) So be quick
This month, the price of the combo deal lip pigmentation and powder brows is 2400 euros after it, prices will unfortunately start to increase 

Lip pigmentation privé training: € 1650,- (note this training is for advanced PMU artists) including pigments

Promotion: lip pigmentation course + powderbrows course now temporarily together for 2400 euros. (including starter kit)

Henna brows training: €279,-
Eyelash extension training: €269,-
Browlamination training: €299,-
Lashlift training: €299,00
Microneedling training: €500,- incl. starterkit

After the training, you can always contact contourlab for advice. The training courses are practice-oriented